PT6 Aircraft Engine
Maintenance and Repair

Southwest Airmotive understands the need to reduce maintenance costs without compromising safety and quality.  We have the capability to perform all scheduled and nonscheduled depot-level maintenance including overhauls and conversions.

Our primary business is the repair and maintenance of Pratt & Whitney engines.  Southwest Airmotive specializes in the overhaul of the Pratt & Whitney PT6 TwinPac and PT6A series engines.  Pratt & Whitney PT6 repair and maintenance includes but is not limited to

  • Accessory Gearbox
  • Combining Gearbox
  • PT6 Bleed Valve
  • PT6 Gas Generator
  • PT6 Hot Section
  • PT6 Power Section

Precision machining, welding, and critical inspections required for parts restoration are performed in Southwest’s machine shop.  Southwest Airmotive is proud to own and operate its own onsite engine test cell to ensure a quality product in a timely manner.


Fly-In Capability

Conveniently located at Eloy Municipal Airport, Southwest Airmotive offers fly-in capabilities to operators who may prefer on-wing hot section inspections.  If you are interested in this level of service, please call Southwest Airmotive at